What is Arakbica?

Arakbica is a beverage born from Balinese elements.

Initiated by a Balinese guy, the ingredients are grown in the island’s fertile soil and are carefully crafted by a team of Balinese artisans in the foothills of Bali.

A portmanteau of Bali's unique and very own alcoholic drink "arak" x locally processed coffee "Arabica". The arak comes from Sidemen, Karangasem, and the Arabica coffee comes from Kintamani, Bangli. The two words combine into a new and strong yet distinctive identity: ARAKBICA. Perhaps the concept is somewhat similar to the internationally famous drink: Irish Whiskey.

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Arabica Coffee

Why is Arakbica Special?

In Taste

Arakbica gently flows down the throat without losing the solid character of the arak which has quite a kick and is balanced with the sweet-aromatic flavour typical of Arabica coffee, with an alcohol content of 30.6%. It’s perfect to drink while hanging out at sunset after coming home from work, accompanying dinners and celebrations, or while cheering on the dance floor at music concerts.

Production Wise

Arakbica is a truly crafted product, made by hand by expert craftsmen, with minimal use of machinery. The result, of course, is special. From the very first sip, the softness of the drink is intertwined with the sophistication of the product.

Legally and formally

Arakbica is a legal product to distribute, is safe for consumption, and has an official permit from the BPOM - Indonesia's Food and Drug Administration.


A "proud Indonesian product"

Arakbica is a local product that is export-ready and has received ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001: 2015 (Environmental Management System).

Supporting a fair and sustainable economy

Arakbica collaborates with local craftsmen (Sidemen) and local artisans/master blenders who receive a royalty of 4% for each bottle sold. This means if Arakbica is successful, not only will Arakbica be happy, but the local people involved will be happy too. This kind of mutual relationship will undoubtedly encourage a more vibrant and sustainable economy in Bali.

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What is the Slogan of Arakbica - Glocal?

Arakbica believes that local products can compete globally without losing their unique identity. By having fulfilled all the prerequisites, ranging from sophisticated taste, BPOM legality, to completeness of ISO, Arakbica deserves to be given the title of a Glocal product—a "proud Indonesian product" that's ready to compete in the global scene. Arakbica, the role of the locale!

Sajeng Rahajeng!

Arak dan Kesentosaan!

Arakbica, joie de vivre!


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